About TrivaniTM

Trivani is the world’s first Purpose MarketingTM company, using the power and profit of network marketing to provide ongoing humanitarian aid around the world. Trivani’s business model consists of two distinct but closely intertwined entities: the Trivani Foundation and Trivani International.

The Trivani FoundationTM

ImageThe Trivani Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization designed to provide relief and development to impoverished areas of the world. Because of the Trivani business, the Trivani Foundation has the consistent funds it needs to be fully self-sustaining, which allows it to implement projects that best meet the needs of the people over time.

The Trivani Foundation has implemented numerous projects in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Nepal, Cambodia, and the Philippines, and has partnered with other humanitarian organizations for greater results. Current projects include student sponsorships, school construction projects, a maternity ward, cataract and facial reconstruction surgeries, clean water systems, community centers, and microfinance loans.

The Trivani Foundation has its own website, www.trivani.org, dedicated entirely to humanitarian aid and information- check it out!

Trivani International

Trivani International is a Purpose Marketing TM company with a proven business model that focuses primarily on humanitarian aid. Trivani fulfills its humanitarian goals through three main missions: Purpose, Health, and Prosperity.

Purpose represents Trivani’s humanitarian goals and efforts. As a Trivani customer or distributor, a portion of every Trivani purchase you make goes towards a Trivani Foundation project. In addition, you can donate to a project of your choice at any time when you visit the Foundation website-regardless of your position at Trivani.

Every person who joins Trivani has the chance to be a direct part of our humanitarian work, through the Child Sponsorship Program. This sponsorship program allows Sponsors to get acquainted with a specific child-not a statistic but an individual with a name and a face-and to help feed, clothe, medicate, and educate their child according to his or her needs. Sponsors will be able to see how their money is spent to help the child, and can watch as the child grows and learns over the years.

Health represents Trivani’s dedication to safe and effective consumer products. Trivani’s innovative, high-science products are some of the very best in health and personal care, following our unique Do No Harm PhilosophyTM, which ensures that every Trivani product is safe for you, your family, and the environment.

Prosperity represents Trivani’s unique business opportunity. With a Trivani business, you can get involved with humanitarian aid and find greater financial freedom at the same time. Trivani’s business plan offers payouts at the top of the industry, as well as extra incentives to keep you moving forward and progressing. And the best part is that anyone can get involved!

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Making a significant difference in the world is easier than you think. Let Trivani help you find your purpose, and together we can build a better, brighter future!

4 Responses to “Trivani”

  1. Kelsey Thompson said

    There’s nothing wrong with “doing well” while “doing good” (quote by Trivani Chairman, Joe Lake — co-founder of the Children’s Miracle Network). The “traditional” business will take profits first and give second. Trivani flips that on its head and is driven by the purpose. Trivani’s purpose is unique, compelling, and appealing. It’s about time a company created a humanitarian giving machine!


  2. Ernesto Olguin said

    When open México?

  3. As we prepare to enter the market in Mexico in January, 2009, there are many ways to prepare. Pre-enrollment will begin this summer, and many leaders will join this fall in the run-up to the pre-launch. We have developed a strategy in Mexico that includes the former CEO of Herbalife, one of the greatest managing directors of all time in Latin America, and a unique, powerful product line designed specifically for the Latin market. It will be a massive rollout, and you will want to be prepared by inviting your Latin friends and colleagues to get ready to “Rock and Roll.” Thank you for your interest!

  4. Richard C. Shipp said

    What is happening with Trivani now (Nov 2011)?

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