How leading retailers’ messages rate

Last updated: 12/2/08

We welcome your use of these ratings in your shopping decisions. As an additional way to help you communicate with the retailers we evaluated, we are providing the convenience of a petition which you can sign by visiting

Retailers will be presented with petitions – thanking those that embrace “Christmas,” and alerting those that have purged or marginalized “Christmas” that you object to the secularization of Christmas. We hope you will “stand for Christmas” with us and encourage the continued acknowledgement of this historic Christian observance in our culture.


“Christmas-friendly” retailers – prominent acknowledgment of “Christmas”

Bass Pro Shops*
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Best Buy
Circuit City
Eddie Bauer
Lands’ End
Linens ‘n Things
Neiman Marcus
Pier 1 Imports
The Home Depot
Toys “R” Us

“Christmas-negligent” retailers – marginalized use of “Christmas”

Barnes & Noble
Dick’s Sporting Goods
KB Toys

“Christmas-offensive” retailers – apparent abandonment of “Christmas”

American Eagle
Banana Republic
Lane Bryant
Old Navy

* National retailers that contacted us to note their support for Christmas.


Originally published by Focus on the Family Action. Copyright © 2008 Focus on the Family Action.


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