Natural Family Planning (NFP)

September 25, 2008

marriage One of the essentials to a healthy, happy and holy marriage is the skill of Natural Family Planning.

NFP is 100% healthy.  NFP empowers couples to recognize the signs of fertility that occur in their bodies each month.  Couples can use this information to conceive or avoid conception in a method that is effective, 100% natural, and free of side-effects.

NFP is an important tool to help couples detect potential health problems and resolve fertility issues.  When used properly, NFP is a tool for increasing intimacy and creating closeness. The rewards of cooperating in this shared method of family planning is seen in virtually every aspect of a couple’s life including their marriage, family and relationship with their creator.

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Fireproof Your Marriage

September 21, 2008

Make it a Fireproof Great Date!

image 1 FIREPROOF: Opening September 26!
At work, inside burning buildings, Capt. Caleb Holt lives by the old firefighter’s adage: Never leave your partner behind. At home, in the cooling embers of his marriage, he lives by his own rules. Is it too late to fireproof his marriage? His job is to rescue others. Now Caleb Holt is about to face his toughest job ever … rescuing his wife’s heart.On September 26, the next movie from Sherwood Pictures and Provident Films arrives in theaters across the nation: FIREPROOF. This action-packed love story has pre-release audiences laughing, crying, and on the edges of their seats as they are drawn into the world of a firefighter, his wife … and a marriage worth rescuing.

Watch the theatrical trailer at

image 3 FIREPROOF: Get Tickets Now!
Success in the movie industry is determined by a film’s first three days. How a movie does on its opening weekend determines how long it will play in theaters and whether it will be added to more theaters in subsequent weeks. You can show Hollywood what you think about films like FIREPROOF by seeing it on opening weekend.You can get tickets online from most major movie theater chains. In addition, churches, businesses, and ministries are combining efforts in communities all across the country to form FIREPROOF Action Squads that are purchasing entire show times for groups to experience the film together.

See where FIREPROOF is opening on September 26.
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image 2å FIREPROOF: What People Are Saying
“Ever since I had the privilege of visiting the FIREPROOF set, I’ve been this movie’s biggest fan. On top of a powerful message and the potential to change lives and marriages, this is one great movie!”
Bubba Cathy, Senior Vice President, Chick-fil-AFIREPROOF is going to do much more than entertain and stir hearts when it comes to movie theaters. This is a movie that will impact couples in a profound way for decades to come.”
Dennis Rainey, President, FamilyLife

“We all know marriages inside and outside the church are in trouble. FIREPROOF provides the church a powerful and relevant way to address the need and provide hope and healing through Jesus Christ.”
Scott Evans, Founder and CEO, Outreach, Inc.

FIREPROOF: Find Out More
Learn all about FIREPROOF at You can view the trailer, check out other clips, learn more about the story and production, see behind-the-scenes footage and photos, read the blog, learn how you can help get the word out about the film, and much more. While there, be sure to register for regular updates about FIREPROOF.Check out

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Happy Home Habits- September

September 19, 2008



Once Upon a Family has developed the happyhome habits to make it easy and fun to build loving connections, instill strong family values and create a legacy for future generations.  These habits are based on the “protective” factors” that decades of research have shown will strengthen families against the negative influences in today’s world.Using the power of rituals and traditions, the happyhome habits are things we can do with our families once-a-day, once-a-week, once-a-month, once-a-year and once-in-a-while. They are simple, fun and they give us peace of mind. We know we have accomplished the most important things for our loved ones.

Use the  September Activities to complete the following happyhome habits: 

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 Celebrating Grandparents on Grandparents Day, September 7th– In September, we will celebrate a wonderful family holiday, National WheelbarrowBabyGrandparents Day. Celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, the holiday was created to remind grandchildren to tap into the wisdom and heritage their grandparents provide. There are many fun activities that your children can do with their grandparents to celebrate the holiday. One is to complete a grandparent interview with a variety of questions. What were your parents like? Describe your childhood? What were your goals and aspirations? What advice do you want to pass onto your children and grandchildren? This will give your children a chance to see how the world has changed since their grandparents were young, plus give your parents an opportunity to share stories. Capture this on video and you will have a priceless family keepsake that will be enjoyed for generations to come. 

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