Welcome to my blog! A Life of Benevolence Blog is a mosaic of thoughts, information, and inspiration about my journey on leading a life with a compassionate heart, promoting benevolence in the world by starting in my own home, and how it relates to my faith, mothering, my family and my Trivani business, all for the Glory of God!

My name is Lisa McClatchy- I am a Catholic, a wife, a mom, and a humanitarian, who is always striving to become the best that I can be, and growing in faith, love, and service.

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I love spending time with my family, blogging, camping, crocheting, watching HGTV, scrapbooking, meeting other moms, and learning- I am, without a doubt, a life-long learner. I love to read spiritual books, business books, and many other types of non-fiction.

I have been married to my wonderful husband for twelve years. We have seven spectacular children, 5 boys and two girls- we are in “Seventh Heaven”! Read about our newest edition to our family. We enjoy life together in the suburbs of Philadelphia, but look forward to the day when we move to sunshiny Florida.

Looking back to when I was a high school student, I remember wondering and asking my mother, “Why is it that people spend more time with “strangers”, at school and work, than they do with their own family?” She answered, “Well, that is just how life is.” At that moment, I knew that I did not want my family to be separated like that, but I had no idea how that question would impact my life.

During the same time in my life, I began to think about a career, and what would be my major in college. I knew that I wanted to help people somehow- I seriously considered becoming a nurse, and a psychologist. Also, I have always been interested in health and wellness- at one point during my schooling, Kinesiology was my major. Additionally, I always knew that I wanted to have my own business, but I just was not sure what kind of business- I did have a lot of fun dreaming about it, though!

A few years later-while attending college with Geology and Astronomy, Secondary Education, as my major-I met my future husband, John. We married in 1996, and our family has grown quite a bit since then!

Our Children-June, 2008, after a fun, long day of playing outside!

Our Children-June, 2008, after a fun, long day of playing outside!

Even though my husband and I have, at times, struggled financially over the years, it has always been very important to us for me to stay home with our kids, as is important for many other mothers, yet increasingly difficult in today’s economy.

As the years have passed, my husband and I have shared our hopes and dreams of a better life, a more meaningful life. The question was always, “How?” We have spent countless hours reading books, listening to audio tapes, surfing the internet, brainstorming-searching for the answer to our question, seeking financial freedom. John even spent one summer trekking all over the state of Florida, looking for a business to purchase!

When I discovered Trivani, I fell in love with its missions so much, that I just had to become a part of the company! Trivani fulfills my desire, on a global scale, to help poor and suffering people, while at the same time, demonstrates to my children, through the Child Guardian Program, the importance of reaching out to others in need, and encourages gratitude in them for what they have.

Now, being a work at home mom allows me to contribute financially to the family, and still be at home. Being a stay at home mom is at the very heart of my life. To me, there is not a greater way to invest my life, and time, than in raising our children. The rewards that come from being a work at home mom and actually be the one teaching, loving, and caring for our children, are joyfully overwhelming! And what is additionally rewarding, is knowing that I am helping needy children around the world overcome the obstacles of poverty, through Trivani’s Child Guardian Program!

With Trivani, all of my dreams are being fulfilled- I have my own business, I have the freedom to spend more time with my family, we are on our way to financial freedom and we are making a huge difference in so many people’s lives throughout the world! Trivani is truly an exceptional company, and has given me new direction, and purpose in my life- I love Trivani!

My personal mission has become to help other moms stay at home with their little ones (and big ones), while contributing to the family income, with Trivani as the vehicle. I invite you to learn more about Trivani, and its unique mission of humanitarian aid as the core of the business.

My vision is to unite and encircle the globe with Humanitarian Moms, truly extraordinary moms- moms who are passionate about Family, humanitarian-minded, honest, compassionate, loving, empathetic, passionate, selfless, who have a strong sense of community (local/global), and who are friendly and fun!

I would be honored if you would like to be part of this Circle of Humanitarian Moms- I want to help you fulfill your dreams of purpose, freedom, and abundance!

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy your visit. Please leave me a comment, as I enjoy meeting new people, and I would love to hear from you! I am here to serve you, so please contact me with any questions- I look forward to speaking with you.

Visit My Personal Trivani International Website!

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Antonio said

    Nice website Lisa, we will be Masters very soon. Take care.

  2. Liz said

    Hello Lisa- nice work! I loved your blog 🙂

  3. bob said

    Lisa, You are a doll. You are inspiring a lot of people and doing God’s work. May He bless you and your precious family always.

  4. Diana Rose Balbin said

    Hello maam,
    Ive read about the testimonials of those people you had helped.I hava a nephew who is 5 yrs. of age and he is club footed.His parents wanted him to undergo operation bec.he cant walk properly but they dont have enough money to pay for the surgery.
    I wanted to help aven in my simple ways thats why I tried sending you an email.Mam,is it true that you are lending money to the needy?I wanted also to help myself.people tease me everytime they see me especially my legs and arms.When I got pregnant,my weight doubled bec.of the steroid that was injected to me.I gave birth to a baby boy who was only 6months and 3wks. old.When we got home,I noticed that mu whole body was numb.I saw my whole body with a a blood clot that was very unusual.I cnt walk then.we go to makati med for my treatment but I stoped after a week even it the treatment was not completed.I dnt have extra money anymore and I have to prioritize the expenses of my son.If you could only see my whole body,I would say that its as good as saying that youve seen a big roots of a tree.I wanted to continue my medication to a dermatologist bec.they are very painful and the marks left are very ugly that people would even say yuck!I hope mam,that you could help me on this.
    I will be waiting for your immediate reply.
    Thank You Very Much!!!
    my contact # is +639192363944 and it is convenient to contact me in the afternoon,philippine time

  5. Cialis said

    7438KK Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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