1000 Reconstructive Surgeries For Children!

November 15, 2008

Trivani closed in on the incredible number of 1000 reconstructive surgeries for children! Below, I have included Before and After photos of some of the kids who have received Trivani-sponsored surgeries. A few of them still have one more surgery to go before they return home.

A huge Thank You goes out to the distributors who have recruited and purchased to make this happen.

A huge Thank You to Dee for funding the company in the beginning and making the dream of Trivani come alive.

A huge Thank You to the wonderful Trivani employees who work hard to support the efforts of our incredible distributor force.

And a huge Thank You to the Trivani Foundation, led by Megan and Natasha and our many Trivani Foundation employees on the ground around the world. Most of these folks are working diligently under very difficult circumstances.

Many of you have expressed much interest in those Trivani kids who have received and are currently receiving life-saving/life-changing surgeries. Many of these stories can be found in the Trivani Foundation newsletters published monthly and posted online at www.trivanifoundation.org. These stories will warm your heart and inspire you. These children are brave, strong, and resilient. They have very little, but they can smile, even through broken faces. You cannot help but want to make a difference. “We can, therefore we must.”

Next stop, 2000 surgeries! How quickly we get there depends on you and I. Won’t you please join me?

3 Responses to “1000 Reconstructive Surgeries For Children!”

  1. drunkdreamer8 said

    I just made a new blog and I am looking for a good story of mothers being a mother, if you have one stop by and let me know. I would like to post it on my web pages on drunk dreamer8 and mommy roars page.
    C. Apana

  2. Rusty said

    Isn’t that amazing! Trivani is amazing! And to know that we as Trivani Distributors are apart of that just makes me smile.

    Rusty Jordan
    Saving Lives Washing my Hair :o)

  3. I so agree- Trivani is amazing! I am so honored to be part of Trivani, and to be associated with the many true humanitarians of Trivani- it was so great to meet them at Grand Launch! I love that- saving lives washing my hair- so cute, and so true! Thanks for stopping by, Rusty- I am smiling, too!

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