Trivani Grand Launch Recap

November 7, 2008


Trivani put itself on the map recently with its official Grand Launch event. This event was a spectacular show for distributors old and new alike, and many were impressed with the dynamics of the event. Distributors really had a great time, and we are still hearing positive feedback from those who attended. Below is a recap of the event’s activities.

Thursday, October 16, 2008
VIP BBQ at the LD Ranch

Trivani VIPs arrived in Utah a day early for their own celebration of Trivani’s Launch. Shortly after arriving at the Provo Marriott Hotel, each VIP was transported to the Leslie DeeAnn ranch up Hobble Creek Canyon to enjoy an evening of activities-cowboy style.

The evening began with an introduction from Dee and a brief tour of the spectacular ranch building. VIPs were then left with a number of activities to choose from until the BBQ officially began: a fantastic display of calf cutting (a form of cattle herding) by true cowhands, horse-back-riding, and 4-wheeling. Next, everyone gathered for an official toast to Trivani-with Rakan, of course-after which Marvellous Catering (a truly marvelous catering company!) presented the BBQ. VIPs ate their fill as they enjoyed a beautiful solo performance by Bruce, one of Dee’s ranch employees.  

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All in all, the VIPs had a fantastic time. Mike Sakurai, Trivani’s Director of Japanese Operations, and several other attendees even dressed up as cowboys for the event and it was a great hit. By the end, everyone had had a fun-filled, relaxing evening and was ready to retire to their hotel room to gear up for the major days ahead.

Friday, October 17, 2008
Guest Arrival and Purpose Activities

On Friday, the official start date of the Launch, distributors began arriving at the Provo Marriott Hotel in droves and playing their part in various Trivani activities throughout the morning and afternoon. VIPs who had attended the BBQ the day before started their Friday with an exclusive breakfast and were joined by Trivani executives. Many then took the opportunity to walk through the Trivani humanitarian partner room, which displayed booths for several Trivani partners. Here, Trivani distributors could speak with humanitarian foundation executives, get answers to their questions, and get involved in a real humanitarian project: stuffing education kits. By the end of the session, we had stuffed over 1,000 kits for impoverished men, women, and children around the world!

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Also throughout the morning, breakout sessions were offered by Trivani management. These breakout sessions touched on a variety of different topics-including the enhanced Trivani compensation plan, the new Trivani Live and Trivani Video tools, and the Humanitarian Circle program-and helped to solidify distributors’ understanding in these areas. The most popular breakout session, by far, was held by Bryan Clay, the Beijing Olympic Gold Medalist in the Decathlon. During this session, Bryan spoke about his experiences as an Olympic athlete and his involvement in humanitarian efforts within Trivani and other organizations. At the end of the session, he signed photos for a wild pack of distributor fans, before everyone made their way into the Grand Ballroom for the start of the humanitarian general session.

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The humanitarian general session began with a hunger banquet: a dinner designed to mimic the distribution of wealth found currently in the world. As distributors entered the room, they were given a card with particular details on where they lived, how much education they had, and how much money they had to spend each day. Distributors were then placed in their classes of wealth around the Grand Ballroom. Those who were classed as extremely wealthy sat at a beautifully placed table and were served a full-course meal. Those who were middle class sat at a nice area and enjoyed a nice meal. Those who were fairly poor sat in a meager area and received only a single course. Those from third-world countries sat on the floor, were given merely a roll for their dinner, and were told to get their water from a pool halfway across the room. It was an eye-opening experience for many.

Once distributors were placed and had a moment to take in their economic situation, the Trivani sponsorship began. Those distributors who were classed as wealthy were given the opportunity to sponsor a needier individual and thus bring them to their table to eat a more substantial meal. This activity continued until all distributors were sponsored, after which the official banquet began. At this point, everyone sat at nice tables, ate a full-course dinner, and listened as Megan McMillan, VP of the Trivani Foundation, discussed the significance of the hunger banquet and how it applies to real life. Megan then remarked on her own experiences in third-world countries and how Trivani projects are influencing people everywhere and helping them to reach a better, brighter future.

After Megan’s presentation, Bret Van Leeuwen, founder of Koins for Kenya, Sarah Asayo, founder of Asayo’s Wish Foundation, and Kent Norton, founder of Starfish Television Network, came to the stage and discussed their own incredible experiences and the founding of their companies. Jason Fairbourne, humanitarian consultant to Trivani, then discussed current trends in humanitarian development, and was followed by Natasha Ivins, Trivani Foundation International Project Manager, who spoke on her own observations in the field and provided details on the humanitarian work that lies ahead for Trivani.  

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Following presentations by Trivani’s humanitarian executives, Shane McClellan, VP of Global Sales and Marketing, came to the stage and presented clips and commentary on the September Trivani Child Rescue Mission to Roatan. Trivani leaders Kim and Amy, Kelsey, and Darin, relayed their own personal perspectives on the trip, expressing their appreciation for such a life-changing experience and encouraging fellow distributors to get involved in the next trip at whatever the cost. Shane wrapped up their comments with the announcement of the June 2009 Roatan trip and delivered the requirements for those who wished to join Trivani on the next Child Rescue Mission. Bob concluded the evening with remarks on what it means to be a humanitarian, after which the Larry Green band entertained the guests until they were worn out and ready for bed.  

Saturday, October 18, 2008
Health and Prosperity Activities

Trivani’s second and final day of the Grand Launch began with an early breakfast for all distributors, after which the Health presentations began. Bob Steed, Trivani’s CEO, began the session with remarks on Trivani’s Health and Do No Harm PhilosophyTM and was followed by Vickie, a leading Trivani humanitarian, who gave her testimonial on Trivani’s incredible products.

Shane McClellan and Dan Miser, Chief Science Officer, came to the stage next and talked about the science and marketing of Trivani’s two newest products: Catacade and Greater Vision. After their remarks, Nancy, another leading Trivani humanitarian, gave her testimonial on Trivani products.

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After Nancy, Bob Davies, a top business coach and motivational speaker, addressed the audience, speaking on how to make the most of your Trivani business. His remarks lingered with Trivani distributors as they made their way to lunch and stopped by the Trivani store to purchase Catacade and Greater Vision for themselves.  

After the break, distributors once again filed into the Grand Ballroom to listen to a testimonial by Tetsu, a leading Trivani humanitarian. Tetsu was followed by Shane McClellan, who spoke on Trivani’s powerful new compensation plan, the Bamboo Club, and the July 2009 Trivani Ranch Adventure. Jason Golly, U.S. Managing Director, then came to the stage to bring Trivani’s new business opportunity and tools together and explain how each item can bring success to a Trivani business. He concluded with the exciting announcement on Trivani Video, a new video email system that distributors can use to communicate with new prospects. Kelsey, a leading Trivani humanitarian, followed Jason with his testimonial on Trivani’s new compensation plan and how this opportunity will affect the many current and future Trivani humanitarians in a positive way.

  After a short break, Antonio, a leading Trivani humanitarian, gave his testimonial on Trivani’s mission of Prosperity. Bob Steed then came to the stage with Barry Steed and Paul Jensen. All three men introduced the much-anticipated Trivani Live video conferencing system, explaining the many features that the program offers and how distributors can get this incredible program into their hands. After Bob’s closing remarks, distributors enjoyed a long break, during which they prepared for the formal Gala and Awards Ceremony, got their pictures taken at the photo booth, and drank refreshing Suvan Slushie
Shots at the Trivani store.

The Gala and Awards Ceremony turned out to be quite an occasion indeed. Distributors and employees dressed in their finest attire and mixed and mingled as they entered the Grand Ballroom for the final session of the event. To the delight of everyone, Bob came to the stage and introduced Dee, who captivated her audience with remarks on the event and how much was yet to come now that Trivani had officially launched.

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Dinner was served after Dee’s remarks, followed by the recognition of the rank advancers. All distributors who had achieved a particular Trivani rank up to that point were recognized for their efforts and given an exclusive pin. Several new Trivani awards were given throughout the evening (you can read about these awards in the upcoming Purpose Magazine). In addition, many, many distributors were recognized for their incredible efforts throughout Trivani’s Pre-Launch phase, including the old Advisory board, who received a special certificate of recognition for their outstanding service. Bob then announced the new Trivani advisory board, who will act as liaisons between Trivani executives and the Trivani humanitarian army throughout the next Trivani phase.

Bob and Dee wrapped up the evening together with sincere Thank Yous and excitement for what is yet to come. They then welcomed the popular Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band to the stage. Music filled the air throughout the remainder of the evening as distributors danced their hearts out and had a thoroughly great time.

The Trivani Grand Launch was a huge success, and attendees felt the power and magic in the activities they took part in throughout the weekend. Now that we are launched, we have several great products, tools, and programs up our sleeve, so stay tuned. This is going to be big!

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