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November 19, 2008





November 19, 2008   


Trivani announces the completion of the Taru Water-Pipe Connection!!!

In Kenya, Child Guardianship funds for Taru Primary School have been put to good use:
The learning environment for students in Taru is generally difficult due to food and economic insecurity; spending hours of each day walking to collect water only compounds these challenges. Trivani Foundation has recently concluded a life-changing project in Taru: a water pipe connection that now brings clean water directly to the school! This completed project provides clean and safe drinking water to the school and the entire village that surrounds the school. By bringing water directly to the school, the previous 3 km one-way journey for fetching water is eliminated for water usage at the school and significantly reduced for surrounding households. In addition to use at the school, an estimated 1, 000 homes will also benefit from this new tap. Provision of clean water will help in improving the health both at school and at the community level, and thereby provide a much better learning environment for our Trivani sponsored students. Students and community members alike give enormous thanks to all guardians who made this possible!

School and Project Background:
Taru is located in Kinango District in rural Kenya. Most people in this region rely on livestock and mixed farming. The environment is very arid and often there is a deficit in household food sources. Household sizes are large, with an average of 6-8 members. The water project was requested by the school management committee and the parents on behalf of the entire community. This project was received with great cooperation from the community, with several successful, participatory meetings held with members of the community and relevant committees. The community turnout during the digging of the trenches was tremendous.





Community Leader collects water from
the new Taru Water Tap


Taru Students watch as Fred, Trivani Foundation Project Manager, samples fresh, clean water.
1,000 homes will be able to access this water!

* * Reminder to all Distributors who are Child Guardians: * *

Check out your sponsored child´s profile on your website to view new updates on your child´s village, school and the life-changing uses of Guardian funds.

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Trivani closed in on the incredible number of 1000 reconstructive surgeries for children! Below, I have included Before and After photos of some of the kids who have received Trivani-sponsored surgeries. A few of them still have one more surgery to go before they return home.

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I am feeling disheartened today. When I opened my email this morning, I found the following, which seems to be speaking to me- I thought that I would share this, as we all suffer:

Furnace #1READ Isaiah 48:1-11  
“I have refined you, but not as silver is refined.
      Rather, I have refined you in the furnace of suffering.”
Isaiah 48:10
When life is easy, we tend to get caught up in trivialities: worrying about our appearance or passing on the latest gossip or boasting in our material possessions or . . . you name it. Often that which matters most gets ignored. We miss family gatherings so we can work a few extra hours. Or when we’re with our loved ones, we spend our time staring at the television. We spend less time with the Lord, skipping church or skimping on our devotions. Read the rest of this entry »

Trivani Grand Launch Recap

November 7, 2008


Trivani put itself on the map recently with its official Grand Launch event. This event was a spectacular show for distributors old and new alike, and many were impressed with the dynamics of the event. Distributors really had a great time, and we are still hearing positive feedback from those who attended. Below is a recap of the event’s activities. Read the rest of this entry »