Has America’s Economic Crisis Got You Worried About Your Financial Future?

October 1, 2008

The image With the economy struggling, everyone, and I mean everyone, is looking at how they can make some extra money! When recession hits, those people who are savvy, are going to scramble to find alternative sources of income. In their frantic searches, they are going to find that the best of all alternatives is Network Marketing.

MLM – Network Marketing is the ultimate “recession-proofing” for your economic life. The incredible reality is that while corporations are struggling to stay afloat, many companies with direct selling or network marketing are absolutely flourishing! Read more about this.

Listen to Tony Robbin’s take on the economic crisis:

For you savvy folks, the Trivani Humanitarian Circles program is a brilliant way to make extra money, while serving a valiant purpose.  Everyone one of us (I hope!) is already using products like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap (or un-soap), and even in a bad economy we will continue to use them. Are Trivani products slightly more expensive than what you find in the grocery or drug store?  Yes, but those products purchased at the store do not have the opportunity to make money!  Also, the opportunity to sponsor kids is non-existent with products purchased from the store.

Put the power of duplication to work and see how much money you can make, how much fun you can have and how much of a difference you can make!  You do this and you will have so much business and opportunity running through your organization that you will hardly be able to manage it all!  (That’s a good problem to have ;-).

This month Trivani begins an absolutely powerful new compensation plan. The plan is intended to quickly compensate efforts for new business-building Trivani distributors.

Please join us tonight for an important impromptu team conference call introducing this new compensation plan.


* Tonight, Wednesday, Oct 1st
* 9:00 EST / 6:00 PST pm

* Call-in #: 832-553-9600
* Access #: 20202#

I hope to hear you on the call this evening!

October has arrived! This month we officially introduce Trivani to the world at our Grand Launch Oct 17-19. This is the single biggest event of the year for Trivani — you do not want to miss the event. The time is now! We are the pioneers. Let’s set out to sponsor, as a team, 100,000 children in need in one year. This is an awesome responsibility I’m confident we can achive. It all begins with us. Join the Trivani Team!


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