Build a Network Marketing Business- But What is Network Marketing?

September 29, 2008

Network Marketing is simply a distributuion system, or form of marketing, which channels goods or services from the manufacturer to the consumer through a network of Independent Distributors. It is an extremely effective system that cuts out the middleman found in most industries. Instead of using traditional methods of advertising, Network Marketing is based on word of mouth recommendations.

Recall a movie that you especially liked, or a restaurant that had great food- did you recommend it to a friend? When someone sees a movie or uses a product that they like, they naturally tell a friend about it, and then that friend tells someone else about the movie or products. Wouldn’t it be great to be reimbursed by Cineplex or the Ritz Carlton, if your friend went to see the movie or dined in the Ritz? Well, Network Marketing companies do just that!

Are you old enough to remember the Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific!Shampoo commercial from the 70’s? The commercial stated that once you use the shampoo, you’ll tell a friend, and she’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on. This was grafically illustrated begining with a picture of the original girl who used the shampoo, and then two more pictures of her friends were added, and then four more friends, and then eight more, and so on until there were about a couple hundred girls on the television screen. This commercial was a great visual example of word of mouth advertising that is used in Network Marketing.

But why would a company pay you to recommend their products when they could just spend the money on advertising instead? Well, in short – it’s the most beneficial way to do business globally. Traditional advertising is losing it’s impact on people today. Did you know that the average person is hit with over 3,000 advertising messages per day? Well, it’s true!

“In a recent study done by Entrepreneur Magazine in February 2006, statistics showed how small businesses rank the importance of various marketing campaigns:

– Word of mouth (53%)
– Online (45%)
– Direct Sales (27%)
– Radio/TV (9%)
– Direct Mail (8%)
– Print (8%)
– Yellow Pages (3%)

As you can see, people are becoming numb to the traditional marketing of major companies, and would rather deal with friends, family, and acquaintances. With so many companies vying for our attention, and word of mouth marketing being the most powerful way to advertise, Network Marketing is gaining ground and changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every single day.

Why Network Marketing?

I think that it is safe to say that most people would love to have more time and more money. But how can we get those things? Creating wealth is the solution, and ownership is the key in creating wealth. If you decide that Network Marketing is right for you, then you will be building your own business, which can lead to great wealth.

Rich Dad defines wealth in time, not money. The more successful you become, the more time you will have and the more freedom you will have to spend with your family. Wealth is not measured in money, but in time.

“The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else is trained to look for work.”Robert Kiyosaki (quoting his Rich Dad)The Business School, for People Who Like Helping Other People. Best-selling author of the Rich Dad series of books.

There are three types of education that are crucial to one’s financial success in life: scholastic education (elementary and secondary school), professional education (college, where you learn how to work for money), and financial education (where you learn to have money work for you rather than to have you work for money– this type of education is not taught in most of our schools).

Rich Dad said, “Because so many people do not have an adequate financial education, they come up with many interesting ways to become rich other than building a business network. For example, millions of people try to become rich playing the lottery or working hard and saving money. And some people actually do become rich using these different methods. If you want to become rich, you need to find the way that best works for you.” For instance, you can become rich by:

  1. marrying someone for his or her money
  2. being a crook
  3. being greedy
  4. being cheap
  5. working hard
  6. being exceptionally smart, talented, attractive, or gifted
  7. being lucky
  8. inheriting money
  9. investing
  10. building a business
  11. building a Network Marketing business
“A Network Marketing business is a new and revolutionary way to achieve wealth. A Network Marketing system- a system I often call a personal franchise (or an invisible big business network)- is a very democratic way of wealth creation.” Robert Kiyosaki The Business School, for People Who Like Helping Other People. Best-selling author of the Rich Dad series of books.

Benefits of a Network Marketing Business

  1. low or no entry cost
  2. no formal education is required
  3. the industry is open to everyone
  4. an established system, already proven successful, is provided
  5. great education and training programs
  6. personal development
  7. mentors, successful in the business, available to assist you in your journey
  8. a Network Marketing business can be built part-time, alongside your current job
  9. tax advantages available to a business owner, which are not available to employees
  10. residual income
  11. leverage

John D. Rockefeller once said, ” I’d rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people, than 100% of my own.” Mr. Rockefeller obviously understood the power of leverage. By leveraging your efforts, you can create residual income, and residual income is simply one of the best ways to achieve the kind of time freedom where you can enjoy the important things in life.

Click here for a three-part video series, where Robert Kiyosaki explains why network marketing could just be the perfect business.

A True Equal Opportunity

Network Marketing is open to everyone, reguardless of gender, age, race, education level or how much money one has.

Unlike the corporate world, where it is a survival-of-the-fittest value system, Network Marketing is a business with a heart and a deep caring for people. If a person in the corporate world has trouble or cannot understand something, the system passes them by, or even lets them go. But in Network Marketing, if you invest the time and effort to learn and study, at your own pace, then you can become successful and will not be passed by or let go. Network Marketing values human compassion, and is for people who want to help other people, who want to help themselves, and who love to learn, grow and teach.

When Donald Trump was asked recently what he would do if he had it to do all over again, his matter-of-fact, one-line reply was: “I would get into Network Marketing.” The crowd started to laugh, thinking he was joking. Trump politely turned to the audience and said, “That’s why your sitting there and I am sitting here.”

The Future of Network Marketing

Fortune magazine called Network Marketing “the best kept secret in the business world.” It has experienced 91-percent growth in the last 10 years with annual sales in excess of $30 billion in the United States, and $100 billion worldwide. Financial experts say it’s a “recession proof” industry. Billionaire Warren Buffet, after purchasing a Network Marketing company, called it the best investment he’d ever made.

What once may have been looked down upon as a peddlers opportunity is now seen far differently by those that should know. In the past few years alone, Network Marketing has been showcased in Forbes, Fortune, USA Today, US News and World Report and the Wall Street Journal.

In his most recent book, The Next Millionaires, Paul Zane Pilzer forecasts 10 million new millionaires in the U.S. over the next 10 years, and predicts many of them will be people who are getting involved in their own Network Marketing business now.

Purpose MarketingTM
As a Purpose Marketing company, TrivaniTMcombines a powerful network marketing business with an active humanitarian foundation. The humanitarian efforts that you support in your business present an especially powerful tool to help build customer loyalty and downline retention. Customers feel good when they buy Trivani products, since they know that the money they spend pays for more than just a product. It pays for schools, surgeries, drinking wells, and dozens of other things to help underdeveloped communities. Once people start supporting those causes through your products, they won’t want to stop. Distributors have an even stronger relationship with Trivani because they have the opportunity to sponsor a child-a position that includes the child’s name, a photo, and regular updates on their child’s progress. When Sponsors see how much good they can do through Trivani, they’ll have a strong incentive to stay active.

“If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a Network Marketing business.” Robert KiyosakiThe Business School, for People Who Like Helping Other People. Best-selling author of the Rich Dad series of books.

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Build your Network Marketing business with Trivani!


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    Awesome!The information you provided regarding Network marketing is really useful for the people who are planing to online marketing business. There are so many ways to earn extra money working from home. One of the easiest way to get started is internet network marketing. It is the combination of internet marketing and network marketing.

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