Happy Home Habits- September

September 19, 2008



Once Upon a Family has developed the happyhome habits to make it easy and fun to build loving connections, instill strong family values and create a legacy for future generations.  These habits are based on the “protective” factors” that decades of research have shown will strengthen families against the negative influences in today’s world.Using the power of rituals and traditions, the happyhome habits are things we can do with our families once-a-day, once-a-week, once-a-month, once-a-year and once-in-a-while. They are simple, fun and they give us peace of mind. We know we have accomplished the most important things for our loved ones.

Use the  September Activities to complete the following happyhome habits: 


Once a Day: Conversation Starters ~ Patience

Share a time when you were patient. Do you consider yourself to be a patient person? Why or why not? Share a time when you were impatient. Would patience have changed the situation? Is there a time when being patient can be bad? When is too long really ‘too long’?

Once a Week: Family Fun Night ~ The Patience Box

Anytime is the perfect time to introduce your family to the Patience Box. Instructions are included in the September Activities – just click on the tab above. On the last day of the month, open your Patience Box and read the notes aloud. Reward the family member who received the most “Votes of Patience” with an old key that includes a tag labeled Patience. You’ll be surprised how this simple activity will foster patience in your home.

Once a Month: Grandparents Day~ Tree of Love

The Tree of Love is an especially great gift for Grandparent’s Day, and can easily become your family’s favorite tradition for that special holiday. Complete instructions are included in the September Activities. What an easy, sweet way to express our emotions and leave behind a symbolic reminder of love that will flourish over time with tender loving care.

Once a Year: Leaving a Legacy with Your Family Story

Use the Activities booklet to record a personal story or life lesson that relates to patience. Was there a time when it was hard to be patient, but you made yourself wait and the reward was worth it? Was there a time when you were impatient and regretted it? Share your story with your loved ones and describe the experience. You might want to praise a family member in your booklet who has recently demonstrated patience. Talk about situations in your home where patience might make things better.

Once in a While: Expressions of Love

As a family, send a thoughtful note to someone who has done something special for your family – that relates to patience. Maybe a grandparent who needed help around the house and waited a long time (without complaining) for you to finally complete it, or a neighbor who lent you a tool and didn’t say a word when you returned it 5 months later. A little appreciation goes a long way.


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