News from Roatan

September 10, 2008

RoatanSunday, a group of Trivani distributors stepped onto an airplane and headed to the small island of Roatan for the first ever distributor-based Trivani Child Rescue Mission. Though the island includes a beautiful tourist resort, it is also home to hundreds of impoverished people living in third-world conditions, and this select group of Trivani humanitarians will have an opportunity to serve these people and brighten their lives each day of their trip. It will be a truly life-changing experience.

As the Roatan adventure unfolds each day, we will provide updates for those at home. Also make sure to reserve your seat at the upcoming Grand Launch event, where a full story of the Roatan Mission-complete with video footage-will be presented. Not yet registered for Grand Launch? First, we welcome you to join Trivani in our humanitarian aid mission- learn more, or get started right away. Then, register for Grand Launch today!

This Child Rescue Mission is the first, but certainly not the last. As you read updates on the trip, keep in mind that you could be the next Trivani humanitarian to embark on a Trivani Child Rescue Mission and share a part of yourself with those who need you most.


Day 1: Sunday, September 7, Distributors embarked on their first Child Rescue Mission and worked their way steadily toward Roatan, making a stop in San Pedro Sula-the capital city of Honduras. While on the Honduras mainland, distributors settled into their hotel rooms, spent a few hours sightseeing the area, and ended the evening on a relaxing note: dinner with Shane McCellan, VP of Global Sales and Marketing, who is directing this mission. Everyone went to bed with the exciting knowledge that they’d reach their final destination in the morning.

Stay tuned…


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