Update on Trivani Foundation Executives

September 8, 2008

Here is an update we received last week from Megan McMillan, Vice President of the Trivani Foundation. Megan and Natasha Ivins, Trivani Foundation International Project Manager, have been traveling through Uganda and Kenya the past two weeks, visiting with Trivani field employees and checking up on Trivani Foundation projects. They should return to Trivani headquarters sometime this week.

Kids in Ugandan OrphanageWe are now on our way to Kampala, headed toward Kenya after our trip in Uganda. It was wonderful to see the Kaberamaido community improved since we last visited in March. The children at Asayo’s Wish increasingly look happier, healthier, loved, and cared for. With beaming smiles, they are less timid and shy and they exude a confidence that comes from a strong foundation and support system: 60 caring sponsors from the U.S., a tribe of protecting matrons and patrons, a wonderful Mama Sarah (founder of Asayo’s Wish Foundation) focusing on their well-being, and 160 brothers and sisters.

Donating Bicycles to Widows in UgandaThe Ugandan widows we are currently supporting have also gained confidence and prospered. They are busy starting small profitable businesses with our issued micro-credit loans, attending vocational training to cultivate new skills for the market place, honoring and improving their refuge, and planning ahead with thoughts of their commercial farm. During our first visit with the widows last year, I saw broken women in need; now I see the development of business women, leaders, educators, and agents of change.


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