Trivani Joins the Stay Alive Effort

August 19, 2008

This month, the Trivani Foundation will join United Families International (UFI) and Reach the Children in their quest to combat AIDS in developing countries around the world. UFI developed a five-year HIV/AIDS prevention program called Stay Alive in the 1990s and has since looked to humanitarian organizations such as Reach the Children and the Trivani Foundation to implement the program on the ground level.

The Stay Alive program is designed to increase communication between youth and their parents and teach children how to stay HIV and AIDS free before they become sexually active. Children in the program learn everything from basic facts about HIV and AIDS to the importance of individual worth, personal responsibility, and healthy relationships. According to the Stay Alive website, the program has already reached over 750,000 children in 10 African countries, and the demand for the program is still overwhelming.

Trivani is helping to open a new-and much needed-Stay Alive chapter in Northern Uganda. Trivani will cover the travel, board, and training expenses of several Stay Alive specialists, who will train 28 teachers, 4 headmasters, 8 matrons, and a Stay Alive specialist for the Asayo’s Wish orphanage. These people will teach all 160 orphans, as well as over 300 children who are on the orphanage waiting list. Trivani will also implement the program in four Ugandan schools and will train 50 widows in the Trivani-sponsored vocational school so they can then teach their own children.

One Response to “Trivani Joins the Stay Alive Effort”

  1. fhluganda said

    Wow, awesome stuff! My wife and I work for an orphan program in Uganda called Feed His Lambs. Love the blog. Keep up the good work! You can check us out at:

    Mukama Ye Ba Zibwe!

    Jesse & Terra

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