Trivani Foundation Partners with the Kenyan Government!

August 19, 2008

 The Trivani FoundationTM recently partnered with CHOICE Humanitarian and the Kenyan government to complete a $150,000 dairy project in a village near Mombasa. This project will provide jobs for over 400 impoverished people in the area, which will be an incredible boost to the community. Many organizations have tried to get this project underway for years, but insufficient funds made it impossible until the Trivani Foundation stepped in. CHOICE approached the Trivani Foundation a few months ago in hopes that we might help fund the project, and we agreed whole-heartedly.

In August, there will be a conference in Kenya to announce the details of the dairy farm and its benefits for the community. This conference will be an important event for Kenya and its humanitarian supporters-so important that the president of Kenya is expected to attend. It will also be a huge step for the Trivani Foundation because CHOICE and Kenya have written us in as the catalyst for the project.


One Response to “Trivani Foundation Partners with the Kenyan Government!”

  1. RaLyn said

    I am so glad that I am part of this.

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