Strengthening Family Ties

August 15, 2008

We all long for closeness. It’s a basic human need. We want to belong to a group and believe that we are a special, important, and an integral part of that group. The warm connections we create with other people make us feel good about ourselves, help pull us through hard times and give meaning to our lives.

These social support systems are like vitamins for our soul. They give us strength, they help us heal, and they build immunity against outside forces that can hurt us. These family connections also guide our behavior and choices in life because they provide a safe, comfortable, and predictable structure within which to live. When we’re part of something larger than ourselves, whether it’s a family, a school, a religious congregation, or a neighborhood community, we’re better able to satisfy our basic human needs and to live healthier, happier lives.

Traditions are the building blocks that strengthen family ties. They are the glue that holds families together. Kids, as well as adults, love and cling to family traditions because they are predictable and stable in an unpredictable world. There is comfort in looking forward to something that we enjoyed before and we know we will enjoy again. At the end of our lives we are most comforted by the love that we shared with those that are a part of that special family unit. It is truly the most beautiful, unconditional love you can be blessed with. Cherish and nurture it today, don’t wait..

 Four Ways to Cherish Family

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