Adios, Mr. Ice Cream Truck!

July 29, 2008

 I drove by an ice cream truck today, and realized that the ice cream truck has not been down our street all summer long- amazing! How could I have not noticed?

Ice Cream Truck (XL)In years past, I cannot even say how much that darn truck drove me crazy! It would, without fail, drive by everyday right in the middle of naptime, when the oldest boys were little, sometimes disturbing their nap. Or how about the years it would drive by multiple times every single day- could you imagine your kids asking not once, but several times a day, to get ice cream?! And this driver was no dummy, he would sit directly in front of our house, and they would all come a runnin’! We had to make a rule, and only allow the kids to get ice cream on Sundays as a special treat.

And I will not even get into the “Turkey in the Straw” tune that the truck played, which never left my head, and drove me bonkers!

So, after seeing that truck today, I realize how grateful I am, and how wonderful our summer has been without Mr. Ice Cream Truck coming around incessantly- of course the kids would not agree with me! Now they are asking for ice cream money, because the ice cream truck comes to camp everyday- honestly!

This is what I wished would have happened to that annoying ice cream truck!!

I would love to hear about your experience with the ice cream truck in your neighborhood- please share in the comments section.


One Response to “Adios, Mr. Ice Cream Truck!”

  1. I haven’t heard an ice cream truck in years. I’m afraid that my childhood instinct to drop everything and run towards the pied piper would result in my leaving my toddler by herself.

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