How To Use A Moby Sling, And Its Benefits

July 27, 2008

Recently, a friend of mine gave me a Moby Sling. Now, I have tried using carriers and slings in the past with some of my babies, and I just never felt comfortable using the ones that I had. I felt disappointed that I was not able to successfully use one, because I understand how beneficial baby wearing can be, for both Mom and Baby- although, I just would carry my baby in my arms most of the day, which was probably not very good for my back. However, after seeing the Moby Sling in action, I am very excited about using it!

In case you are not aware, there are many wonderful benefits for your baby’s health and development, by wearing your baby in a sling, pouch, or wrap. 

Keeping your baby close to you provides your baby with physical contact, security, stimulation and movement. All of these things provide your baby with the ideal conditions for development. Babies in a sling spend more time in the state known as ‘quiet alertness’ so they are awake but contented. This is the optimal state for learning for a newborn.

It is a well-known fact that most babies cry less when they are held. They naturally feel calmer and have a greater sense of security, whenever they feel your touch. Most babies love to be carried, and babies who spend a lot of time in a sling or carrier tend to cry less than those who do not. If you use a sling around the house this can help you to be mobile and get things done while still meeting your baby’s instinctive need for your touch. This is obviously a good thing for your baby, but is also great for you. A crying baby who can not settle is extremely stressful for the whole family- it sure is not fun trying to help with homework, cook dinner, and tend to a crying baby at the same time!

Baby wearing promotes bonding, by carrying your baby close to you, it helps them to recognize your unique smell and the sound of your voice. The close contact enables you to learn to recognize your baby’s signals more quickly which helps you to be more responsive to their needs.

In preparation for our baby’s arrival, I visited YouTube to find a video on how to use the Moby Sling. And in hopes of helping someone else wanting to use a sling, I wanted to share one of the videos that I found:


Please visit my playlists, on my YouTube channel, for more videos on using a Moby Sling.

I would love to hear from others who have used a wrap sling, Moby or otherwise- please share your experience in the comments section!


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