Trivani Grand Launch!

July 20, 2008

FPSS slide image

October 17-18 2008 

Come be a part of the greatest event of Trivani history: the Trivani Grand Launch. This event marks the official beginning of Trivani International and will include celebrations of equal proportions. The event will provide a look back at the success we have achieved during our pre-launch phase, particularly in regards to humanitarian aid, as well as a rundown of our up-and-coming goals. We will also roll out several fantastic new products and tools for your business, so don’t miss out!

Be sure to register early- events are one of the best ways to feel a part of the Trivani Team, so we want everyone who is able to come to be there. If you are not part of the Trivani Team yet, we welcome you to join us in our humanitarian aid mission- learn more, or get started right away!

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  1. […] day, we will provide updates for those at home. Also make sure to reserve your seat at the upcoming Grand Launch event, where a full story of the Roatan Mission-complete with video footage-will be presented. Not […]

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