20 Year Old, Christa Taylor: Redefining Modest Fashion

July 12, 2008

PORTLAND, OR – Frustrated by the scarcity of clothes that are fashionable, without being suggestive, Christa Taylor launched her own clothing company early in 2007. At 20, she is young and passionate about making Christa-Taylor.com her answer to the growing demand for chic and trendy clothes that don’t succumb to the social pressures to be revealing. “It all started when I imagined a store committed to modesty that was full of beautiful, stylish apparel for young women,” Taylor says. “I was exasperated by the one option our culture presents: sexy.”

Her original designs are inspired by the classic looks of Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis Kennedy, and Princess Dianna. As the visionary designer herself explains: “We are fashions, that is made specifically for the “empowered traditionalists”, women who want “modish” (a combination of the terms “modest” and “stylish”) clothing options that show that style and conservativism is not mutually exclusive.”

With the support of her entrepreneurial father, Taylor began the daunting task of forming the company. “Baby step by baby step we designed and furnished a website, made contacts in the fashion industry for manufacturers, designers etc. and launched on January 15th, 2007.” Her two sisters, brother, and brother-in-law have also joined Taylor in the endeavor. Taylor’s father says, “Christa has a unique vision and phenomenal talent. We’re all in support!” Having released a spring line with two collections, Taylor is set to release a winter line in mid- September, adding “Timeless” to her “Posh” and “Trendy” collections. Five new signature dresses will also be offered, in addition to many other offerings in all three lines.

Taylor also sees a “mission beyond business.” She says, “Our company is positively impacting more than just our happy customers. 30% of all our profits go directly towards the needs of the poor and towards social justice throughout the world. Our first project is the monthly support of an orphanage in Ta Lam, Cambodia. I’ve been to Cambodia personally and visited “our” orphanage. Our business is making an enduring impact across the world.”

Christa Taylor, founder

One Response to “20 Year Old, Christa Taylor: Redefining Modest Fashion”

  1. Julie Maria said

    Finally I see some one smart to do that. Thank you Christa and who post this! I will talk about this at my blogs! One is “realbeauty” belezareal (in portuguese) and I feel inspired to see this kind of business… not just “To sell” but to sell the “good”.

    God bless

    Julie Maria

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