Trivani Foundation’s First Domestic Partnership

July 11, 2008

Story TimeTrivani Foundation is happy to announce our first domestic humanitarian partnership. After doing extensive research, Trivani has decided to support literacy efforts here in the United States. Illiteracy in our country is a problem of giant proportions; 4 million Americans are functionally illiterate-this figure includes one quarter of the adult population. This means that one in four adults cannot locate an intersection on a street map, fill out an employment application, or read a phone book.

Additionally, statistics show that two-thirds of all children who do not read by the fourth grade will be in jail or on welfare when they are adults. 85% of all juveniles who interface with the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate; more than 60% of all prison inmates are functionally illiterate; penal institution records show that inmates have a 16% chance of returning to prison if they receive literacy help, as opposed to 70% who do not receive help. Literacy can be a life-changing experience.

Illiteracy is passed along by parents who cannot read and write-this is a family cycle that needs to be Read, Write, Learn! (JPG+EPS)broken. To improve our lives and reduce many of society’s problems we need to teach children and adults how to read. Trivani has chosen to partner with Family Literacy Centers (FLC), Inc., a 501c(3) non-profit charity, to address this problem. FLC is establishing volunteer facilities in stores, libraries, senior centers, school, homeless shelters, churches, prisons, and community centers. Adults and children come to these free centers to be tutored by certified trained volunteers for two one-hour sessions a week-this is supported by children reading nightly with parents for at least twenty minutes. State evaluations show a half-grade level improvement every month.

By creating alliances with material suppliers, Family Literacy Centers has developed extensive training programs for students, parents, volunteer tutors, and center directors. FLC’s goal is to help local communities find funding and create independent centers. It takes just $1.17 per day to help a child learn to read; compare this to the thousands of dollars it takes to house inmates and juvenile offenders. FLC has already teamed with organizations across the country in cities such as Philadelphia, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge, and various Native American Reservations.


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  1. […] Trivani is supporting literacy efforts here in the United States. If you would like to make a difference in America by helping to end the cycle of family illiteracy, please consider changing your personal care products, and shop Trivani online today! Your decision to make one change is that simple, and it is that powerful! […]

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