Updates on Trivani Japan, From Trivani CEO, Bob Steed

July 9, 2008

皆さん元気いっぱい! As many of you know, the Trivani humanitarian force in Japan is growing rapidly. Last month, U.S. Ambassador Greg Newell toured the country with Trivani President and Managing Director Tomomi Kosugi-san to discuss the many projects that Japanese distributors are funding through their involvement in Trivani. The Japanese are currently sponsoring tremendous numbers of children from Nepal and Africa. Ambassador Newell also spent good time with our friends at UNICEF Japan and is working to create a solid relationship with them.

Most of you have heard of UNICEF. It is an organization without rival and has an impeccable global reputation for doing good. They are a major force here in Asia, and it is difficult to go anywhere without running into their little blue point-of-sale donation boxes. Through Ambassador Newell, we are crafting a relationship with UNICEF that we believe will be mutually beneficial. Ambassador Newell was serving as Assistant Secretary to President Ronald Reagan when this organization was formed and played a key role in its infancy. He is opening a lot of doors for Trivani and serves to broaden our reach, establishing additional connections to reputable NGOs and giving our organizations increased credibility. UNICEF has left its mark on this planet and will continue to do so. Ambassador Newell’s role in this is forever preserved, and we thank him for his great efforts.

Last week, I toured Japan with my Japanese side kick and translator Mike Sakurai. Christopher Pair, our Latin market specialist, is also here catching up with old friends from his days as CEO of Herbalife. The media is also present, as is usually the case, following these events closely. They have been a very positive force, truly believe in what we are doing here in Japan and around the world, and have come to refer to the Trivani Japanese corporate leaders as “The Dream Team.” I couldn’t agree more. The management team here is amazing. Japan is growing rapidly, and Trivani is becoming a major force both within MLM circles and on the humanitarian front. It really is amazing to see.

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