The Perfect Storm

July 9, 2008

PERFECT STORM: an event that life-long sailors may only see once in their lives. The perfect storm is the result of massive storm cells all coming together at the same time at the same place and creating waves of epic proportions.

Trivani is the world’s first and only humanitarian MLM, a ground-floor, well-funded opportunity with experienced management and tremendous vision, an amazing mission that utilizes the power of word-of-mouth promotion to generate significant humanitarian aid, an amazing product line founded on the Do No Harm PhilosophyTM that disagrees with the notion that good is good enough, an amazing compensation system that is developing full-time humanitarians, and a lagging economy that is creating the ideal environment for industry growth. The result is massive waves of opportunity generated by a perfect storm that most networkers may only see once in their lives!

Chart your course, and ride the massive waves of opportunity with Trivani- do not miss the boat!


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