Jhay Jaictin

July 9, 2008

Like many unfortunate children in the Philippines, Jhay Jaictin was born with two club feet, a disability that has cost him his freedom throughout his 17 years of life and has left his family with very few options. On top of everything, the children in Jhay’s community have been so cruel toward Jhay and his condition that Jhay’s self-esteem has been reduced to tatters over the years.

Jhay JaictinHelp has been just around the corner, however. The Trivani Foundation and its partner Deseret International were able to step in and provide a surgery at no cost. Erwin Boiser, Trivani’s Country Manager in the Philippines, reports:

“Jhay has already undergone two operations that have released the tendons in both feet, and he is now getting ready for the final touches. The right foot is already in place, and with a little practice, will soon be ready to walk on. The left foot will be completely fixed within the next month. Jhay and his mother are housed in Mabuhay Deseret Foundation, the Deseret International medical facility, and Trivani has been covering their food and other needs. Jhay and his mother, Josepina, have been away from their family now for three months, which can’t be easy, but they are doing it for Jhay. Josepina is already thanking us for the transformation of her son’s feet.

Soon Jhay can go back to their province with his head held high. He has spent his 17 years suffering different kinds of ridicule, which has cost a lot of his self esteem; however, so far I can talk to him with no reservations. He is excited about the development of his condition and is even thinking about playing basketball.”

The amount of good you are helping Trivani to accomplish throughout the world is incredible. Thanks to your hard work and passion for Trivani, we are able to lift more and more people like Jhay out of a life of little hope and into a life with a happy, promising future. There is still so much work to do, however, so keep it up!

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3 Responses to “Jhay Jaictin”

  1. […] has been just around the corner, however. Click here to find out how Trivani and its partner Deseret International have helped to set Jhay on the […]

  2. Jim Starr said

    My girlfriend and I just helped a young girl get corrective surgery for a cleft palet that we met on her island of Masbate in the Philippines. On my last trip there I saw a girl with club feet. What organization in the Philippines can we get in contact with to try and get her some help. You can contact me at jim_strr@yahoo.com

  3. Wow, what a beautiful story- you and your girlfriend are very special people, and are doing great things! I have forwarded your information to Trivani, and the Trivani Foundation will be contacting you soon about helping the girl with club feet. Thank you for caring so much to help this girl- she will be forever grateful!

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