Trivani’s New Corporate Headquarters

July 6, 2008

Historic Main Street Building Renovation Supports Humanitarian Aid and International Business

Trivani International renovates historic Reynold’s Building for Foundation and corporate offices

Trivani International is renovating the historic Reynolds building (built circa 1892), situated in Springville on the corner of Main Street and 200 South. The refurbished building will be dedicated to Trivani International and its humanitarian sister organization, the Trivani Foundation. Bob Steed, Trivani’s CEO, explains that the renovation will be both a tribute to the building’s historical significance and an economic boost to downtown Springville. “Anytime you bring a large number of employees and national and international clientele into one area, there is a dramatic economic benefit to local restaurants and

retail business,” says Bob. “We will eventually have 250 to 300 employees, which will expose our local businesses to a significant increase in revenue.”

A new name for an old building turned out to be an old name for a new building, as Trivani International officials unveiled the name for the newly renovated historic Reynolds building in Springville.

Those present for the announcement reacted with delight, as company CEO Bob Steed unveiled the new sign atop the nearly 120-year-old building and showed the building would retain the name of its original builder: Henry T. Reynolds.

“We had a lot of different thoughts. Ultimately, none of those thoughts even came close to comparing to putting the name on here that really belongs,” Steed said. “We could have put the ‘Elmer Fudd and Co.’ name on the side of that building, and people would have still called it ‘H.T. Reynolds’ because since 1892 that’s all it’s ever been.”

In addition to Springville city officials and Trivani employees, descendants of Henry T. Reynolds were also on hand for the sign’s unveiling. Another Henry T. Reynolds, this one the great-grandson of the builder, said his great-grandfather would have been speechless if he’d seen his building still standing after more than 100 years.

“People have a fascination, or are drawn to old buildings, and I’m glad they were able to preserve this one,” the fourth-generation Reynolds said. “I think this will be a real anchor for Springville, a real drawing point.”

The renovated building will house the Trivani Foundation on its main level, with corporate offices and executive offices on the second and third floors. The basement, originally used as a storage area, will be converted into a spa facility and juice bar, open to the public as well as to Trivani distributors, employees, and officers. Trivani employees and officers have just moved in to their new headquarters this June, 2008; the spa will be completed later in the year.

Since its founding, Trivani has sponsored hundreds of surgeries, constructed several schools, assisted in building health clinics and a hospital, and provided funds and sponsors for thousands of children in

Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific. “We are building the largest humanitarian army in the world,” says Bob, “and that means Springville will become a major international hub for humanitarian work. We expect Springville will literally become a beacon for humanitarianism.” This compliments Springville’s long-standing reputation as a center for arts and humanities.

About Trivani International

Trivani was founded by a team of network marketing experts who jointly created and led one of the leading health and personal care companies in the world. These leaders created Trivani with a unique purpose: to use new leveraging systems, affiliations, and the concepts that turn consumption into compassion to spread humanitarian aid throughout the world. For more information on Trivani’s humanitarian projects, please visit

For more information about becoming a part of Trivani, please contact:

Lisa McClatchy


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