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Several months ago, Trivani’s Country Manager for the Phillipines, Erwin Boiser, met a teenage boy named Jhay Nino Jaictin. “The first time we met his head was always turned away from me,” says Erwin, “as if he was shy, and worried that I would say something about his foot.” The 17-year-old Jhay had a club foot, and had spent his entire life as an object of ridicule and scorn by the other children in his village. “Our doctor said that Jhay was almost too old for successful clubfoot surgery,” says Erwin, “but he promised that even though it would take longer than normal, he would still be able to do it. It took them five months to finish the whole process.  As I watched Jhay’s feet slowly going to their proper place, I could see a change in his disposition, coupled with unreserved smiles assuring his mother that he could make it.” 

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Give one thing away each day for 29 days. Why? Because to see the world change, we have to do something to change the world. I love this challenge, and want to get my kids involved! I am going to do some thinking before I get started, as I would like to have some kind of plan on what I will be giving. I invite you to join me…

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Use our fun cards to accompany your gifts. Our handy Giving Calendar provides a
convenient place to keep notes about your daily gifts.

 29Gifts Cards and Calendar


The flier has tear-off tabs with the challenge URL on them, which can be downloaded and printed out. Hang these around your university, library, grocery store, or wherever there is a bulliten board in your local community. You can even include a small gift (e.g., candy) attached to the back of each tab.

 Giving Challenge Flier, with tear-off tabs




I am even more excited about the timing of this challenge- the month of August we will be focusing on the value of generosity! Teaching children generosity begins at an early age in the form of sharing. The more exposure they have to the concept the more they learn how satisfying it is to give. Dedicate this month to teaching your children how rewarding generosity can be. Here is what I will be using with my children:

August Workshop- Generosity and Birthdays$10.00  
August Key of Generosity