Julmar Jaictin

June 27, 2008

Julmar before surgery Julmar after surgery Julmar and his mom

We tell a lot of stories about children who walk long roads and steep hills just to get to school, and about how terrible it is, but for 9-year-old Julmar Jaictin a long walk like that would be a luxury. You see, Julmar can’t walk at all; he’s had club feet since he was born.

Julmar lives in the Cebu region of the Philippines, far enough away from proper medical care that fixing his legs would have required a plane flight, a prolonged hotel stay, and many other expenses that the family simply could not afford. For nine years he and his family have struggled with his affliction knowing that there was virtually no hope of getting better. And then Trivani stepped in.

Trivani held a medical screening in Lapu-Lapu several months ago, and Julmar’s grandmother took him in, and he was immediately approved for free surgery. He has finished his frist major operation, and Trivani is even helping to pay for taxi rides as he comes back to the hospital for follow-ups and doctor-visits.

Thanks to Trivani Guardians’ hard work, Julmar will soon be able to walk again. There are more kids just like him that still need help, so please sign up and become a new Guardian so that Trivani can reach them all!


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