Trivani Builds Water Tanks in Kenya

June 20, 2008

In conjunction with Koins for Kenya and local community members, Trivani has built two 10,000 liter water catchment systems and holding tanks in Mnyenzeni, Kenya. The water tanks, which are located at two schools in the Mnyenzeni community, provide water to over 1,000 students and their friends and families. Rainwater is seasonal in this semi-arid region in Kenya. In the dry season, water can be very scarce, often requiring water to be carried great distances to the school. Not only will the water tanks help store water for times of water scarcity, they will provide clean water to the students and community members. Watering holes and streams where water is often fetched contain many pathogens and parasites that infect many students in the villages. The water storage tanks will help ensure the students and the community have access to a reliable source of clean water throughout the year.


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