Join Us on a Child Rescue Mission to a Honduran Island!

June 18, 2008

Trivani is very excited to make a huge announcement: an incredible incentive announced at the Leadership Summit!

This incentive is one of the most thrilling announcements made at the Summit: during June and July, distributors at every level of the business have the opportunity to join the Trivani Adventure winners on their first Child Rescue Mission to the island of Roatan! Roatan sits just off the coast of Honduras, in the Caribbean Sea, and is a stunning mix of luxury and necessity; there are gorgeous beaches and fabulous resorts, but there are also many opportunities to serve.

RoatanRoatan To earn your spot on the Rescue Mission to Roatan, focus on recruiting during June and July-the top three distributors who generate the greatest amount of new, first-level volume will earn a spot on the trip!* These winning distributors will have a life-changing experience as they personally enhance the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people on the island.

Become a Trivani Distributor, and join us on the Rescue Mission to Roatan!

*Each distributor can win the Roatan incentive only once. If you qualify in June and then again in July, your second win will be given to the next distributor in line.


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