Trivani Life Volume 2 Issue 14‏

June 17, 2008

Volume 2, Issue 14 Visit Trivani

Leadership Summit Recap
Leadership Summit was a great success this past weekend, and everyone who attended had a fantastic time. The event covered all three Trivani missions, with fabulous speakers from all over the country that left us determined to make this company the best it can be. The Summit also introduced two new products and presented the complete Trivani Humanitarian Circle program-a program that helps to boost your business sales while directly benefitting a dying Stone-Age culture in Mexico called the Tarahumara.

We have a lot of great new tools and products-and a lot of work to do. We have thousands more children in our sponsorship database that need our help, so let’s hit it hard the next few months and find Guardians for every one of these children.

Watch for a full recap of the Trivani Leadership Summit in an upcoming Purpose Magazine.

New Trivani Products!
Those who attended the Trivani Leadership Summit this past weekend shared in the excitement of two amazing new products: Suvan and InstaLast. Below is a quick description of each product. More information will be available online shortly.

Suvan is an incredible nutritional supplement with an unprecedented four omega fatty acids and nearly 80 minerals to help your body stay strong and healthy. The best part is the delicious taste-the drink uses plant omegas instead of fish omegas, so you avoid those fishy burps.

InstaLast is an incredible skin care product that hides fine lines and wrinkles immediately upon application while helping to diminish those lines and wrinkles over time. InstaLast helps to improve the moisture levels in the skin by 6000% after 30 days of twice-a-day use-a difference you will notice and love!

Suvan is now available to customers and distributors. To order, simply visit my personal Trivani website. InstaLast will be available starting July 1, 2008, but distributors can pre-order the product now at their personal Trivani business website.

Art Chester, the Trivani Business Coach
Want to reach great heights in your Trivani business? Sign up for a coaching session with Art Chester, Trivani’s Head of Corporate Training! In your coaching session, Art will work with you one-on-one to determine the goals you would like to achieve in your business, help you develop a business plan for achieving those goals, and then get you up and moving based on the plan you have created. The greatest part about these sessions is that you have someone there to encourage you, support you, and keep you going when it seems difficult to make the next step. With Art’s help, you will reach higher and go farther than you have ever gone before.

If you are interested in a coaching session, email Art Chester at and he will contact you with more information.

Don’t Miss Trivani’s Conference Calls This Week!

Tuesday’s Prosperity Call
Presenter: Art Chester, Trivani Head of Corporate Training
Subject: Business-building training
Date/Time: Tuesday, June 17, at 7:00 pm (MT)
Call Information: Dial 712-338-8068 and provide the access code 85861#

Thursday’s Opportunity Call
Presenter: Art Chester, Trivani Head of Corporate Training
Subject: Trivani at a glance
Date/Time: Thursday, June 19, at 7:00 pm (MT)
Call Information: Dial 712-338-8068 and provide the access code 85861#


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