June 5, 2008

The following is an email that was sent out from a leading Trivani Distributor, Kelsey Thompson. I have been given permission to share this inspiring story with you.

I wanted to highlight a special visit from my folks.  They arrived on Thursday and just departed back home to Oregon today.  My father’s condition (strokes) limits our activities, but not our fun.  To me, these pictures encapsulate the power of the Trivani missions. 

Naturally, the purpose is to spread humanitarian aid.  The purpose serves a couple of other important components, too.  One, I can teach the power of giving to my kids in real terms every day.  These life-long lessons for these two special little people in my life are paramount.  Two, the intrinsic and tangible value-enhancing benefits of giving on a person level is the best form of medicine.  Perspective drives emotions, and emotions drives behavior.  Our continued goal is to provide perspective for people – people will feel it and act differently because of it.

My fathers’ strokes have been a challenge for me.  He operated under the best conditions he knew with unsuspecting results.  He has said he doesn’t want me to end up like him, but he doesn’t comprehend how much I actually do.  Overall wellness is critical to enjoying our lives.  Our health mission lends material, tangible, non-negotiable components to overall wellness.  Consistent application, day after day after day, of Trivani products will lead to a net positive improvement in health when coupled with other health conscious activities.

I don’t want to build a Trivani business to last my lifetime…I want to build a Trivani business to last generations.  Hence, the pictures.  My father’s first stroke was, essentially, his first year of retirement.  That was a culmination of 45 years of stress-filled deliverables.  What a way to retire.  I choose not to end up like that.  I have an attitude – I believe everyone should be a Trivani customer due to the purpose, but not everyone has to be a business builder.  However, I will say that most, if not everyone, has their “why” that is just as powerful as mine.  Simply by spending time with my parents and my children, perspective grows upon its already solid, unwavering base.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime – it’s a gift.  It is incumbent upon us to generate the international impact we are destined to create.   

 Thank you for our Trivani family!




2 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. Bob Steed said

    Lisa, Another great post. Kelsey is amazing isn’t he? When you have a moment I would love to share a story with you regarding a Trivani distributor who worked closely with Mother Teresa for an extended period of time. Very cool stuff! Keep up the good work. Drop me a line and we’ll get together by phone soon. Bob

  2. Kelsey is amazing, and an inspiration! I would love to hear the story about the Trivani distributor who worked closely with Mother Teresa! Thank you for your comment.


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