A Brother’s Helper

May 17, 2008

I find myself doing a lot of correcting, and much less praising of my children- I focus on more of the negative, and less of the positive. So, in an effort to be more positive with my children, I have decided to start a Benevolence Journal. Here I will post about benevolent acts my children have done. This will serve as a record of all the wonderful things that do happen within our family- so many times, the good things go forgotten. And I hope that by recording these acts, it will encourage more of the same behavior, in them and in myself.

A Brother’s Helper

My oldest son has weekly drum lessons, and dreads carrying his drum case because it is so heavy. It is otherwise known as the “bomb case”- a name given by his classmates. Usually, I pick him up from school on these days, but this past week, I told him that I would not be there, because we would be out until 12:30, and by the time I got the little ones down for a nap, I would be waking them shortly thereafter to pick him up.

So, home bound he was on the school bus, which he was not thrilled about since it is hard to maneuver, and find a place to put the drum case on the bus. My oldest, Sean, was the first to burst through the door after they were dropped off, and he did not have his drum in hand. So, I asked where it was. He told me that Brian, our second oldest, was carrying it for him, and he would not let Sean carry it.

I thought that this was wonderful! So, I grabbed the camera, and took Brian’s picture as he walked through the door. He gave me the come-on-mom look, but I think that he was happy that his act of benevolence was not going unnoticed.

This is the kind of behavior that I want to see more of from my kids! Great job Brian!!

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