1000 Gift List- #1

May 15, 2008

I went to my monthly prenatal visit yesterday, and I was thinking how grateful I am to have such great medical care. Not only do I have great care, I have choices as well- I have a list of doctors to choose from, I can deliver in a hospital, in a birth center with a midwife, or even at home. Sadly, there are many women throughout the world, who do not have the same kind of care as you or I.

Maternity Care- What Would it Be Like Without It?

In impoverished countries, some women are giving birth out in the bush- could you imagine having to do that?

I am so proud to be involved with a company that is providing a safe, clean environment, with doctors, to care for women throughout their pregnancy, during and after birth.

Maternity ward: The Trivani Foundation, Coastal Development Fund (CDF), and Koins for Kenya have funded a women’s center designed to assist new and future mothers with their children. Trivani has already donated over $60,000 worth of leveraged supplies to the clinic. The center is currently in the engineering phase of construction.

#1 I am thankful for my doctors, hospital, nurses, and all of the people who care for me before, during, and after delivery, as well as all of the technology, supplies, and equipment available to the medical professionals.


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