Giving of Ourselves to Others

April 20, 2008

This video is about just normal people helping each other in their own way by being unselfish and caring. This really is how our life as a whole is supposed to work- being there for others…adding value to what their needs are, and not your own.

Ultimately, what we do and give to others, we are doing and giving to ourselves. 

Everyday by Rascal Flatts

You Could’ve bowed out gracefully,
But you didn’t.
You knew enough to know
To leave well enough alone
But you wouldn’t
I drive myself crazy
Tryin to stay out of my own way
The messes that I make
But my secrets are so safe.
The only one who gets me,
Yeah you get me.
It’s amazing to me

How everyday
Everyday, Everday
You save my life.

I come around all broken down
And crowded out
And your comfort
Sometimes the place I go
Is so deep and dark and desperate
I don’t know, I don’t know

How everday
Everday, Everday
You Save My life

Sometimes I swear
I don’t know if I’m coming or going
But you always say something without even knowing
That I’m hanging onto your words
With all of might and it’s alright
Yeah I’m alright for one more night-



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