What is the Secret to Residual Income?

April 19, 2008


So What is the Secret?

The Residual Secret consists of a unique business concept made up of 3 Keys to Success and is created to allow you the freedom to earn a significant residual monthly income while relaxing at home, on the road or even on vacation.


Keys to Success

Financial Key

Large corporations have been utilizing The Residual Secret for hundreds of years…..

Our Financial key gives you the opportunity to capitalize on the profits of these major corporations by redistributing the opportunity for personal wealth away from the corporate world and into the pockets of the average family. This strategy helps people like you achieve financial prosperity by sharing the system with others. We use a unique business model which allows anyone to succeed in achieving their financial goals without the risk typically associated with owning a small business. Our system benefits customers by redirecting advertising and distribution dollars into higher quality ingredients and product innovation. Customers enjoy exceptional products at reasonable prices and a share of the revenues.


Product Key

Imported, cost effective but lower quality, products can be found on the shelves of many large box stores. These stores make huge profit margins on inferior products.  It’s time to change this!

We have teamed up with a manufacturing company who offers superior consumable everyday products. This means you make money by representing products that customers already purchase on a daily basis. Our products are of a better quality than store brands, with safer ingredients. Your customers will receive more value for their money while enjoying the convenience of shopping over the internet.


Business Key

No Overhead, No Inventory and No Risk gives you the advantage over stores!

Our key to business will give you the opportunity to achieve your financial goals without any large investment, no order taking or repeat high-pressured sales presentations. Our products are shipped directly to your customer’s door so you do not have to inventory or have the hassle of shipping products. But what makes our system so great is there is absolutely NO RISK!

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