Poverty Facts

April 19, 2008


Poverty Facts

Learn the facts about poverty and how it affects children in need and their families.

Poverty is the number one killer in the world. (British Medical Journal)
More than 10 million children under age 5 die each year. Two-thirds of these deaths – more than 6 million deaths every year – are preventable.
More than one billion people live without access to safe drinking water. (United Nations)
More than 78 percent of the developing world’s urban population now lives in slums. (Oxfam)
About 1.2 billion people struggle to live on less than $1 per day. (United Nations)
Two out of three people on the planet struggle to get by on less than $2 per day. (United Nations)
Amazingly 6% of the world enjoys 60% of the world’s wealth, while 94% split the other 40%. (United Nations)
Every day 30,000 people die from extreme poverty. (World Health Organization)
Every three seconds a child dies from a preventable disease. (Oxfam)
It’s estimated that for every year a child stays in school, 10% is added to their annual earning potential.
Children under age 18 make up 49 percent of the population of the world’s least developed countries, compared with 21 percent of the population of the world’s industrialized nations.
More than 2 billion people lack access to electricity and modern forms of energy.
Every day, 1,600 women and more than 10,000 newborns globally die due to complications that could have been prevented.
Approximately 143 million children in the developing world (one in 13) are orphans.
Approximately 41 percent of the world’s poor people live in India.
The annual world economy breaks down like this:

 Low Income, $825 or less: 37%
 Lower Middle Income, $826 to $3,255: 38%
 Upper Middle Income, $3,256 to $10,065: 9%
 High Income, $10,066 or more: 16%


Sources: http://www.unicef.org, http://www.unep.org, http://www.one.org, http://www.who.int, http://www.freeworldacademy.com, http://www.nationmaster.com


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