A Better Place for Mary Adiao

April 16, 2008

Meet Mary Adiao, the sponsored child of Bob Steed, Trivani’s CEO. Mary is only three years old, but already she has led a hard life. She was first discovered in a dingy hospital, sitting upright in her mother’s feeble lap. Her father had died of AIDS the year before, and now her mother lay dying from the same crippling disease. With no other living relatives and no money, Mary had been forced to live in the hospital with her mother and watch as she slowly slips away.
When Asayo’s Wish Orphanage was finally notified of Mary’s precarious situation, the little girl was malnourished, under-stimulated, and traumatized. Luckily, the orphanage had enough space to accommodate Mary, and they gladly took her in. Since her admission to the orphanage, Mary has flourished. She is in the constant care of a matron, is surrounded by peers and friends, enjoys regular, nutritious food, and receives routine doctor checkups. Sarah Asayo, who loves carrying Mary wherever she goes when she visits the orphanage, proudly relays this story of Mary’s progress:

“Mary’s becoming independent. I was sitting with her, watching the children play, when Mary gets up, walks over to the drinking water barrel, grabs a cup and with her tiny hands, pulls water from the barrel and drinks! When she’s finished, she washes the cup, puts it back on the shelf where it belongs, and walks back to me. I was amazed! She’s only three years old.”

Mary is very fortunate to be in the care of Asayo’s Wish Orphanage and to have Bob’s sponsorship as support. Instead of sitting in a debilitating hospital—surrounded by sickness and death—she is able to run and play freely with peers and adults who love her and receive the care she needs to be strong and successful. Mary certainly hasn’t forgotten her mother and continues to visit her in the hospital often. Now, however, she can leave the suffering and heartbreak behind and enter a place of safety, love, health, and hope.


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