Letters to Trivani

April 6, 2008

Trivani recently received several letters from students and teachers of the Mdomo Primary School in Kenya. Trivani, along with CHOICE Humanitarian, helped to construct three new classrooms for the school and build desks for hundreds of the school’s students.

Trivani is the name I live to remember.
Trivani is the organization that has modified Mdomo primary school.
I was away in another school but Trivani project attracted me to join Mdomo primary school.
Trivani has built good spacious classrooms.
Trivani has changed Mdomo primary school.
Children of all sexes are walking from near and far
Joining Mdomo primary school day in day out
Trivani Foundation cares, retains, promotes education for the poor child of Mdomo.

—Abdullah, Mdomo student

My Wish to Trivani Foundation

I, Mwaka, wish the best for Trivani Foundation after making me sit on a desk. I couldn’t imagine that one day like today I would be sitting on a desk the way I am. Thank you very much. I am comfortable seated writing nicely, doing everything in an enjoyable way. Thank you and may God bless your foundation for more assistance.

—Mwaka, Mdomo student

We are very thankful for the three classrooms that have been built by Choice and Trivani. As I recall, the enrollment rate was below 400 pupils, but now the student population stands at above 700 pupils. The population increased due to the recently built classrooms by your organization, which are spacious and proudly stand as you enter our school compound.

—Mr. Juma, Mdomo teacher


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