Friends Who Pull You Up; Not Push You Down

March 30, 2008

Dream Stealers, Killers, Builders and Givers

Dream: an ambition, to consider something practical or feasible, to invent; Dreamer: A visionary, an idealist. 

All of us have dreams, but why are so many of us, only dreaming and not doing?  There could be several answers, but one may be the people around you.  There are four types of people in your life:  Dream Stealers, Dream Killers, Dream Builders, and Dream Givers.  The number of people in each category may lead you to your answer of why you don’t go after dreams. 

A Dream Stealer is someone who makes subtle suggestions that cause you to doubt yourself.  “I don’t know why you are working 60 hours a week, you aren’t getting anything out of it” or “Why are you working out, all you do is complain!”  Now let’s talk about the Dream Killer.

Dream Killers are those who have a huge effect on you.  They keep pushing and pushing until they get to you and you give up.  “I don’t know why you are spending all that money on a gym membership, you have tried it 10 times and have failed every time,” or “it hasn’t worked yet, it won’t work this time either!” 

Then there are the Dream Builders who know you are called unto excellence, they hold you accountable and they support you.  “I know how much you want to lose that 80 pounds, and I know you can do it this time!” or “You are so deserving of that promotion, and I know how hard you are working to get it, just keep it up.” 

Then there are the Dream Givers.  Dream Givers are special individuals who inspire you to dream.  They want you to reach your full potential and can see what you are capable of, even if you can’t; they keep you wanting more – they speak the dreams into you.  There aren’t a lot of Dream Givers out there, but when you come across one, you will know who they are. 

“The advantage of a network marketing business is that not only does the business provide a great business education, the business often provides a whole new world of friends- friends who are going in the same direction as you and share the same core values as you do. To me, that kind of friendship is priceless.”  Robert Kiyosaki, The Business School for People Who Like Helping People

And remember, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”


3 Responses to “Friends Who Pull You Up; Not Push You Down”

  1. Kelsey Thompson said

    Lisa, what a great website! I’m impressed with the different perpectives you provide. We need to suround ourselves with Dream Givers. To me, a true friend would not take someone’s “hope” away from them. Keep up the great work, Lisa!



  2. Excellent article. There should be more thought along these lines, I feel, across the general public. There are really horrible people who pose as friends but later on try to discourage you and make you feel pathetic for trying to live a better life or advancing in life. They point out the faults in the everything you do so that you end up scared to do anything at all. Their only intention is to hold you back – in the name of friendship. Are these people human beings or what ?!!!

  3. What a wonderful article. Gives us pause to think… It is wise to make very conscious choices as to the people we surround ourselves with when we are working to realise our life dreams. Thank you!

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