Two New School Projects in Kenya

March 27, 2008

Two New School Projects in Kenya

The Trivani Foundation recently donated building materials for several latrines for the Jaffery Primary School. These latrines will help sustain sanitary conditions for students as they gain an education. In addition, the Trivani Foundation will aid the Chanzou Primary School in finishing the construction of a new classroom. The project was begun by the school administration and the parents, but the Trivani Foundation・s involvement will help speed up the project so these students can enjoy their new building sooner.


3 Responses to “Two New School Projects in Kenya”

  1. Dawn Fowler said

    What projects do you have coming up next summer – 2009?
    My 18 year old son and I would like to actively participate in a
    school building project. How much does it cost to go there and participate?

  2. Upcoming Projects in Kenya for 2009 are: in partnering with CHOICE Humanitarian and the local government, Trivani is funding the completion of the Mariakani Dairy Processing Plant. This plant will supply jobs to over 400 families. In partnering with Koins for Kenya, we’re funding the completion of a Women’s Clinic in Mnyenzeni. This clinic is the first of its kind in the area and has the potential to save hundreds of women’s and children’s lives. Though our child sponsorship program we’ll be implementing a bed net initiative–bednets prevent malaria by 80%. Also we’ll be issueing micro-credit loans to stimulate economic growth for the parents of our sponsored children through the Yehu Bank.

    In terms of getting involved in a school construction project–we have not implemented a volunteer program yet, though we plan to in the upcoming future.

    Hope this answers all of her questions!
    If you need anymore info let me know.
    Trivani Foundation’s International Project Manager

  3. cheron said

    I want more from you about the project.
    Is it complete or not.
    Please post more next time.

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